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Getting married? Congratulations!

West Michigan Marriage Center is here to support your marriage and ensure you and your fiance have the most secure foundation possible as you take this next step together.

What we offer

Premarital Therapy

Healthy and effective premarital counseling requires highly specialized training in attachment bonding and relationship dynamics. WMMC offers premarital counseling with staff who are not only experts in these areas but are also passionate about setting up couples for a healthy and happy future together! We would love the chance to help you and your future spouse build the foundation of your marriage on solid ground.

Building a Lasting Connection™

AdobeStock_302667112.jpegBLC is a 2-day intensive program crafted specifically for premarital and young married couples. BLC helps couples understand the core relational mechanics involved with marriage decay and marriage growth. During your intensive, you will explore your shared attachment foundation, practice effective communication patterns, and build confidence in reaching your goals together!

In general, the BLC intensive is reserved for (1) engaged couples or (2) couples who are in their first marriage for two years or less. The reason for this is the BLC intensive focuses on setting up healthy habits and strengthening connection, rather than repairing wounds and rebuilding connection.

The BLC intensive is for couples in young relationships who don’t want to leave the fate of their marriage to a small bag of tricks, quick fixes, or shallow results. This intensive is for those who are willing to step forward in courage, for those who place value on things that are real instead of things that are comfortable, and for those who know…my marriage matters!

Our Qualifications

All WMMC counselors have received advanced training in a therapeutic modality called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This modality is specific to marriage and relationship work and is currently the most research-supported and widely effective couples modality in existence. Our very own Betsy Nuismer even completed the rigorous ICEEFT certification process and became the fourth certified EFT therapist in the entire state of Michigan!

In addition to our many years of experience exclusively focused on marriage therapy, several of our therapists are also certified facilitators of the Prepare Enrich® and Building a Lasting Connection™ premarital programs.

Our Perspective

If you’ve read any number of the articles outlining the keys to future marital success, you might have noticed the common topics: conflict management, financial habits, sexual expectations, parenting, love languages, etc. To be clear, we agree that each of these areas is very important. We also understand that, when couples struggle in these areas, the struggle’s true source is deeper than, “We don’t have enough sex.” Or, “He isn’t speaking my love language correctly.” Only addressing these secondary issues is like mowing over dandelions. They just grow right back. A truly healthy marriage digs all the way down and removes the weeds at its root.

We will help you dig down to the roots. We will guide you in communicating in a deeper, more vulnerable way with your loved one. This deeper kind of conversation naturally creates moments of connection. As the moments of connection increase, confidence that your loved one sees you and cares about you will grow along with it. In the end, you will share a secure bond with your loved one that can keep your marriage healthy, strong, and true for years to come.

Because every marriage
deserves hope–yours too.

Marriage is the foundation of family and family the foundation of society.
There is no cause more worthy than the restoration of your marriage.

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