Marriage Therapy

The marriage counselors at West Michigan Marriage Center will help you and your spouse communicate in a deeper, more vulnerable way. This deeper kind of conversation naturally creates moments of connection. As the moments of connection increase, confidence that your loved one sees you and cares about you grows along with it. That confidence soothes our fears of rejection and abandonment, automatically easing our pain. With less fear and pain distracting us, we can see and connect with our spouse more readily. That further connection builds even more confidence, which relieves even more fear and pain, which makes connection even easier…and the cycle continues upward.

Being trapped in a broken marriage can feel like navigating a treacherous emotional landscape with no compass. The pain runs deep, leaving you feeling disconnected, unseen, and unheard within the confines of your relationship. It's a profound ache, an unmet longing for emotional closeness. You feel rejected, abandoned, and unsure of your worthiness to be loved. Your heart longs for the warmth of connection, the reassurance of a partner who cherishes and understands you. The weight of that unfulfilled longing casts a shadow over virtually every area of your life.

But it doesn’t have to end there…

With the guidance of a marriage counselor, trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), you can embark on a journey of healing. You can develop your compass, find your path back to stable ground, and reclaim the confidence that you are loved. You can forge secure connections that have the power to mend your wounded heart and restore the vitality of your marriage.

Hope is real!

“We reach out for our loved ones particularly when we are uncertain, threatened, anxious, or upset. Contact with them gives us a sense of having a safe haven, where we will find comfort and emotional support; this sense of safety teaches us how to regulate our own emotions and how to connect with and trust others.”

- Dr. Sue Johnson, developer of EFT

Praise for WMMC

"It is very hard to find competent and qualified marriage therapists in the area. To find a husband-and-wife combo who is as competent, qualified, and passionate as Scott & Betsy has been a dream. They have quickly become my number one referral source for couples. They are uniquely qualified in EFT  and quickly move to the heart of the issue."
-Matt Lantz: licensed therapist, founder of Anchor of Hope Counseling

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As West Michigan’s foremost practitioners of EFT, our therapists are able to deliver a level of marriage restoration that is life changing. We have helped hundreds of couples move from crisis to calm, from rupture to repair, and from sinking to secure.

West Michigan Marriage Center is also the only organization that offers the Marriage Restoration Program (MRP). This program has three steps specifically designed to take a struggling marriage and (1) bring it back to life, (2) get it in good working order again, and (3) set it up for long-term success and growth. Nowhere else will you find a series of marriage services that are so effective, intuitive, and meaningful.

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The WMMC Difference

For the last few decades, marriage therapy has focused on skills-building and communication styles to help heal the relationship. Unfortunately, those approaches are kind of like mowing over dandelions instead of treating them at their root. The skills-based approaches set up an expectation that “If only I could say the right words, at the right time, in the right way, everything would be fine.” But it never is. The dandelions keep popping back up.

West Michigan Marriage Center is different because we don’t stop at the flower or stem of the Dandelion. We dig straight to the root. Our marriage counselors are experts at getting to the bedrock of the problem, uncovering the hearts beneath the armor, and helping each spouse feel seen and heard. We know that your hearts already long to hold each other, so instead of asking you to change your hearts toward each other, we focus on removing the walls holding them back.

The heartbeat of WMMC is for every marriage to experience the fulfillment that comes from vulnerable connection with your spouse.

Need therapy for relationships other than your marriage?

It might be obvious to say that relationships come in all shapes and sizes, but what’s not so obvious is that all relationships end up with very similar core wounds.

  • Feeling rejected or abandoned

  • Wondering if you really matter

  • Knowing the other person doesn’t “get” you…and might not want to

At WMMC, we specialize in marriage, but also offer our services for other relationships in need of mending. Dating struggles, parent/child relationships, sibling estrangement, and more are all types of relationships that can benefit from the therapeutic principles of EFT. If you have a struggling relationship in one or more of these areas, we are ready to help! Contact us today.

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No matter your struggles, your history, or your beliefs,
we are here to help you because every marriage deserves hope!

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