What is Hold Me Tight?

Jun 04, 2021



Hold Me Tight started as a book written by Dr. Sue Johnson that brought the complexity of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) into focus through seven “conversations” that any couple can use to heal their marriage. The book’s content was then condensed into a marriage intensive format in order to further help couples heal from their wounds. This leads us to what we at Upgrade Your Marriage are honored to offer you today.

Our Hold Me Tight program is a two-day marriage intensive grounded on the structure and research of EFT and it guides couples through the seven “conversations” outlined in Dr. Johnson’s book. The primary focus is on teaching couples how to create safe and vulnerable connection – this is what truly creates healing, trust, and security.

Using an elegant mixture of experiential learning and group synergy, each couple encounters powerful insights, tangible relief, and genuine hope. Each couple also receives individualized attention and feedback from an EFT trained therapist to ensure they get the most out of their experience.

Couples who have been through our program consistently say that, where other programs have failed to go deep enough to effect real change or create tangible motion, this program does. We commonly see spouses, tears streaming down their face, share how they started day one with no hope and high skepticism, but now believe this program should be experienced by all because of the connection and hope that can be found.

Our Hold Me Tight intensive is hosted in a comfortable home on the north side of Holland, MI and utilizes a group processing model. Research shows this model is consistently more effective at improving overall learning, connection, and vulnerability. Couples get to journey together through difficult and meaningful terrain, see how common and relatable their struggles really are, and experience joy together as they witness hope being revived in each other’s marriage.

Over to course of two days, the seemingly impossible labyrinth of love gets laid bare, becoming easily understood and revealing a realistic road toward healing and connection. Couples are able to clearly understand the roles and cycles that trap them. They finally get to see the mechanics behind why their best attempts at love end so often in pain. They even learn the skills within vulnerability, alignment, and repair that can stop arguments before they start and stop wounds before they happen.

In short, our Hold Me Tight program is not for the faint of heart, nor those who are looking for quick fixes or shallow results. This intensive is for those who are willing to step forward in courage, for those who place value on things that are real instead of things that are comfortable, and for those who know…my marriage matters.