Marriage Booster Group - COMING SOON!

If you and your spouse have completed steps one and two of your Marriage Restoration Program, congratulations! We are thrilled to present your third step along your journey - the Marriage Booster Group. This is your final step toward a healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling connection in your marriage. Keep up the excellent work!

NOTE: The Marriage Booster Group is only available to those who have completed steps one and two of the Marriage Restoration Program.

Why is this step critical?

In short - because life happens! We have all seen how the demands and distractions of life can strangle even the best of intentions. Exercise routines, diets, budgets…without regular infusions of focus and motivation, even the most worthwhile changes fade under the weight of life. Our Marriage Booster Group addresses two critical areas needed for you and your spouse to maintain this higher level of safety, trust, and connection in your marriage.

boosters.pngThe first critical area is having reciprocal support with others who share your goal. Couples that learn and grow alongside each other make more progress, faster. One couple trying to grow by themselves is like one flashlight trying to illuminate a dark path - it works to a certain degree, but many flashlights means you can see much, much more. Our groups provide a safe and structured environment where couples can keep each other motivated and build off one another’s insights and success.

The second critical area is strengthening your new neurological connections. This growth comes almost exclusively through repeated exposure and, let's face it, who actually wants to dive into stuff like this on a regular basis?

In order to get the experience and practice your brain needs to make these new behaviors second nature, you need something (other than conflict with your spouse) inviting you into those spaces. Our groups provide that safe space where you and your spouse can explore, calibrate, and deepen the skills you have learned.


What is it?

The Marriage Booster Group is a peer led support group specifically designed to help establish long-term healthy habits, provide a safe place to continue practicing vulnerability and repair, and for group members to gain experience from one another. These groups are reserved only for those who have already completed steps one and two of the Marriage Restoration Track. The purpose of the group is to create a safe and intentional space for couples to (1) share their successes and struggle points, (2) encourage each other in the work of bonding, and (3) get re-grounded in the foundational principles of vulnerable connection.

WMMC provides each group with structural support, core curriculum, and routine supervision to ensure the safety and continuity of each group. See here for more details about the support WMMC will provide your group.

How does it work?

Subscription to Marriage Booster Groups is done in 6 month increments to increase consistency, safety, and success for each member. Groups meet once per month for two hours. The first portion (roughly 30 minutes) is spent working through the materials provided that month. The remaining time is spent processing, sharing, encouraging, and re-grounding with your fellow group members. Groups are also encouraged, but not required, to incorporate having a meal together either before or during their group time. Each group would plan and provide their own meals and spend time simply enjoying conversation with each other.

Cost and Location?

Subscription rates, group times, and available locations are subject to change, so be sure to contact us for the most up-to-date information. Please note that, whenever possible, groups are done in-person and hosted in a group member’s home, however, WMMC also provides a virtual group option for long-distance members.

Group Support and Supervision Details

Structural Support

WMMC provides each group with all needed materials, helps organize and deploy new groups, offers logistics support, and works with each group to maintain healthy group expectations and behavior.

We operate as the central contact point for everyone from prospective group members to seasoned group leaders.

Our oversight ensures that no group is left adrift, having to figure everything out for themselves.


Core Curriculum

While WMMC provides a standardized format and curriculum progression, each group has the autonomy to develop their own culture and pace based on the group’s unique needs, interests, and leadership style. The core curriculum focuses on key topics related to vulnerability, connection, and repair.

Built into each topic is group conversation starters, educational elements, and ideas for continued practice at home. When a group reaches the end of the provided curriculum, they simply restart at the beginning and keep working together to get better, healthier, and stronger.

Routine Supervision

WMMC understands that, if Marriage Booster Groups are to be effective, they must remain healthy, safe, and focused. This is why, two times per year, every group and every member will be asked to fill out a brief survey that assesses the current health of each group.

WMMC staff then process through every piece of feedback and determine if (or what kind of) corrective action is needed. Whether it’s a suggestion for improving the overall system, requesting a certain topic be added to the curriculum, or needing staff to step in and correct inappropriate behavior, WMMC takes member feedback very seriously.

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