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West Michigan Marriage Center (WMMC) is a not-for-profit organization solely dedicated to building secure relationships and helping struggling couples heal.

All marriage services provided by WMMC are built directly from the foundation of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)-currently the most consistently effective and scientifically grounded therapeutic modality in existence for healing relationships. All our therapists are marriage specialists, have advanced training in EFT, and have years of experience working with couples in distress. We know how to rekindle love, nurture connection, and create moments of bonding. No matter the couple’s struggle, WMMC is capable and ready to help.

Not only is WMMC your local expert in the field of marriage, we are also the only providers offering the three-step series of services (intensive, video series, and booster groups) necessary to ensure long-term success and growth for each couple. Our only purpose and passion is to help create healthy relationships - because every marriage deserves hope!


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Three Commitment Levels

If you value marriages and want to help bring healing and restoration to others, consider partnering with us financially one-time, monthly, or volunteer your time as a marriage mentor.

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Joining your resources with our passion means you become a meaningful
part of creating stronger marriages and a stronger community in West Michigan and beyond.   

Why Partner with WMMC (the fine print)

We have two primary objectives at WMMC, first, to provide highly reputable, effective, and quality marriage restoration services and, second, to ensure these services are accessible to all couples, no matter their financial situation.
Your generosity is what makes our second objective possible. 100% of your donation (unless otherwise specified) will go to the WMMC Scholarship Fund, which provides financially struggling couples with discounted rates on our services. Couples who would ordinarily be unable to afford the marriage support they need can have access to these life changing resources.

How does the WMMC Scholarship Fund work?

Short Version:
    Couples with proven financial need are granted a percentage discount off certain services used. The discount awarded is based on available funds and level of need. To ensure each couple has “skin in the game”, no couple will ever receive a 100% discount.

Full Version:
The WMMC Scholarship Fund is a secure fund, restricted to the singular use of off-setting the total cost of WMMC services for a married couple in financial need. Every couple desiring to utilize this scholarship fund must prove their financial need via completing a thorough financial aid application. If the couple is approved for financial aid, a certain percentage will be discounted from the services they utilize within the Marriage Restoration Track. The exact percentage of discount is granted on a case-by-case basis and guided by (1) the total amount available in the WMMC Scholarship Fund and (2) justifiable need. 

The discount percentage is then applied to the Marriage Restoration Track services used by the approved couple that fall reasonably within one continuous episode of treatment*. The corresponding amount of income lost to WMMC due to the discounted services will be deducted from the WMMC Scholarship Fund and applied to the WMMC services income account.

No couple will ever be granted a 100% discount. Everyone who utilizes the WMMC Scholarship Fund will be required to invest some amount of their own money (and time) into their marriage growth. WMMC supports such a boundary in light of the research showing that having a meaningful amount of “skin in the game” (i.e. money, time, effort) is strongly correlated with an increase in desirable outcomes.

*Continuous Episode of Treatment:
Here is what we mean when we say “continuous episode of treatment”:
In this case “treatment episode” does not automatically mean the couple is receiving formal therapy. A treatment episode with WMMC may or may not include any combination of formal therapy (i.e. marriage counseling) and other marriage related services (i.e. intensives, video series, or support group).

A treatment episode’s scope is defined as the period between the couple’s first service date and/or first claim reported and their final service date/claim.

A treatment episode will be considered “continuous” if the couple’s interval of services received remains 6 months or less. If there is a gap of 6 months or more between any one service to the other, the couple’s treatment episode will no longer be considered “continuous” and they will need to reapply for financial aid if they so desire.

NOTE: Situations where WMMC may be the cause of a couple experiencing 6 months or more between services (i.e. staff shortage, clerical mistake, etc.) and losing their financial aid status as a result will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any couple believing their case falls within this category is encouraged to send an email to [email protected] with the header, “Appeal: loss of financial aid status”. In the body of the email, please request a hearing for your case and include a short (one or two paragraphs) description of why you believe your situation deserves special consideration.

Because every marriage
deserves hope–yours too.

Marriage is the foundation of family and family the foundation of society.
There is no cause more worthy than the restoration of your marriage.

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